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24pc Peg Bails 7×2.5mm Platinum Tone Brass


Small peg bails measure 7×2.5mm. The stem measures approximately 3.5mm, with a thickness of .5mm. Brass base metal with a shiny platinum tone.

Sold by bags of 24 pieces.

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Product Description

These peg bails are used mostly on half drilled natural pearls and stone beads. Simply dab some glue on the stem and place in hole until glue has cured properly. They are not limited to use with half drilled beads and can also be used with a variety of beads. The photo shows examples using 4, 6 & 8mm beads, and one with a 10mm flower with a 3mm pearl inside to give you an idea how they look with size references.

Additional Information


Sold by bags of 24 pieces.


7×2.5mm (stem 3.5mm, stem width .5mm)


Platinum tone brass.


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